Cheese cakes and Jamyn Gummies

Yilo aka Jamyn gummies and Cheese cakes

After knowing I needed edibles I set out on a mission. I had to find the biggest selection of the best prices to fit my budget. To the went. The staff was quick to greet and get me all checked in. Once inside I only had to wait a few moments before being helped.

Cannabis being sold for juicing

Live Cannabis plants

Being very curious after noticing LIVE CANNABIS GROWING I had to ask the budtender a few questions. I was informed they are comfortable selling the non-flowering medicine for the sole purpose of being juiced. I tend to think this might cause issues for some in the future. Always make sure to inform yourself fully before making any medicinal purchases.

Yilo Superstore Secret Shop

DabJason0508 at Yilo!

All in all I found the dosages accurate and the people willing to help. Even with those questions that had not so easy answers. The Jamyn line of gummies is an excellent budget edible. They have dozens of variety of 100mg (10mg doses) packages. Everything from a rice-crispy, fudge brownie, various hard candies to the numerous gummies. I always find something good to take home from Yilo. Thank you Yilo superstore for a great experience.