Venom Extracts Arizona is the industry name founded for an innovative, dedicated team of patients and caregivers. These men and women work countless hours to insure they are able to provide a standard for care second to none. From the marketing team to the grow house, the owner to the trimmer they all have a similar positive outlook and a curious understanding of this new and fast growing Cannabis industry.

Venom Extracts Arizona

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies: Venom Extracts.

Each batch is cured to match the set standards they follow based on years of collective research. the flavors they have been able to retain are outstanding. Entering each Errlcup in various formats including but not limited to concentrates they have placed first among hundreds here in Arizona and plan to do so again with an incredible new product!

Venom Extracts Arizona

Venom Extracts: One of many 2018 Errlcup 7/10 entries. 

Sworn to secrecy I will only show you this photo and tell you this. The potency and Terps residing within this end product set me up for an amazing medicinal experience

Venom Extracts Arizona

Venom Extracts: Grand Daddy Purple shatter.

The quality of this Grand Daddy Purple is unmatched. Low temp dabs of this shatter are a must simply to allow yourself the medicinal benefits of the amazing quality terps. Adding this product to a vape pen allowed for the best flavors. I have been very impressed with the way i feel and how i am able to work without pain.

I had to take this picture to display the diversity in some of the Venom Extracts products. With such a selection, and so many more not even pictured we can look forward to seeing Venom in our Cannabis communities future for many years to come.

Venom Extracts Arizona

Venom Extracts: J1 Cake batter

The J1 is a Jack, Skunk one hybrid. Super flavorful and aromatic. You know they’re amazing concentrates when you open a container and the smell fills the room.

Venom Extracts Arizona

Venom Extracts: The mix

I needed to photograph this dab before consumption. This is the mix. Out of this world extracts, for the patients. Errlcup entries that will blow your minds! What else could we ask for from an industry leader here in Arizona? Personally I rest easy knowing we are in such great hands. Caring compassionate people whom treat what they do like its a life of helping and healing, not just another job. Thank you Venom Extracts!