Officer searching for cannabis

Nolan Sousley of Bolivar, Missouri has stage-4 pancreatic cancer.
Although medical marijuana is new to the state and not yet available, Sousley uses THC oil pills to manage his pain.

It was on March 6th that a video was uploaded to Facebook that showed Sousley in his hospital room surrounded by police. A call had been made to the Bolivar Police, and someone had claimed they could smell the odor of marijuana emanating from his hospital room.

Sousley stated he took THC oil pills in the parking lot of Citizens Memorial hospital before returning to his room. Sousley pleaded with police telling them he does not smoke the substance as they searched his hospital room. The video shows the police searching through his belongings.

It came down to Sousley pleading for them to not go through his bag as it contained his final day items. With his voice trembling he finally agreed to allow them to search his bag. Nothing was found and the officers were on their way. It leaves you wondering whether or not the officers were in the right.

Since the video went viral Sousley has been contacted by cannabis companies and attorneys as well as members of the community. He has been getting the help he needs, and hopefully, cannabis companies are helping him get the medications he needs.