The topic stemmed from a message sent by an Arizona medical marijuana patient. I often post videos showcasing different cannabis extracts I consume. It was one particular video I had made to create hype for a new hookah I was dabbing out of that caught the patients eye.

What caught this viewers attention was a silicone carb cap I had used.
The message was clear. It read ” Gotta get rid of that silicone cap bro, any temp over 450 makes the silicone flash off formaldehyde.” He added he had used one himself until someone had told him and he wanted to share the information he had learned.

I immediately began to do some research behind the patients claim. As I scoured the internet I could only find one Reddit thread where someone had asked if they were safe to use. There wasn’t much more on the matter. So I decided to dig a little deeper. I wanted to look into how silicone is made and if there was a connection between silicone and formaldehyde.

According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Formaldehyde is a highly toxic systemic poison that is absorbed well by inhalation. The vapor is also a severe respiratory tract and skin irritant.

With continuous efforts to uncover the truth behind silicone carb caps, an item that so many businesses are promoting I was shocked at what I discovered next. The answers I sought were written within a research report titled Formaldehyde Generation from Silicone Rubber.

The report was written by David Timpe Jr. a research and development chemist for the Arlon Silicone Technologies Division. The report gave detailed explanations on the process in which formaldehyde is generated through thermal oxidation. The report also explains how silicone is made.

I reached out to someone at Arlon’s Silicone Division to get a little more information on silicone products. It took a couple of weeks for a reply but they advised me to further my investigation and speak to medical professionals as well.

Although I had trouble getting any doctors to speak on the record. I did manage to get a lot of good information. From what I gathered the majority agree that the silicone caps we use are not safe. With the industry rapidly expanding, and so many new products on the market I think it is extremely important that we pay close attention to not only the cannabis products we consume but the accessories that come with it.

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