Our editors heard rumblings of a brand new extract company in the valley. Rumor is they were popping up in dispensaries all over arizona with high quality shatter & a full line of concentrates with some of the terpiest terps known to man. We could not pass up the opportunity to reach out and see what all the hype was about, we’re glad we did because our timing couldn’t be better!


    The team over at Mad Terp Labs have just created their newest, most potent product yet. The MTL Diamonds are releasing  October 10th, 2018 exclusively at GreenPharms Dispensaries. We were lucky enough to gain early access to these beautiful Diamonds at GreenPharms in Mesa, Arizona. The perfectly shaped cannabis stones sat in a golden sauce and glistened majestically in the light. The aroma coming from the top of the jar was a terptastic blast of concentrated goodness. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I smelled terps that good, I could only imagine how they tasted at that point. By far the best looking concentrates I had seen in person at this point so I was beyond ecstatic to begin sampling this new product from the geniuses at Mad Terp Labs.


I was advised to try the sauce first before the diamonds because the potency is really something new even for more advanced patients. I probably should have heeded that warning a little better because I went all in the first time. Wow… the first one is a doozy. I was not disappointed, and I was definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. Aside from mind blowing flavor and the smoothest finish to a dab I’ve ever taken, I was treated to most mind melting- body numbing experience I’ve reported to date. These diamonds are forever for sure because I was faded far into the night, definitely worth the top tier price point.


Mad Terp Labs is launching their newest concentrate MTL Diamonds exclusively at GreenPharms in Mesa, Arizona on October 10th at a special price 25% off for the release! I recommend all Errl enthusiasts and azmmj patients head over there a.s.a.p. They’re Errl Times and Errl Cup approved I have a feeling these diamonds are going to sell out fast once people get to try them and word gets out.