Can it help you stop smoking?

The other day I decided to quit smoking cigarettes and was reading online when I found an interesting article regarding using CBD to help quit cigarettes.

The hemp flower, also known as CBD flower, has no more than .3% THC but upwards of 20% CBD. It’s legal in all 50 states and sold in the majority of smoke shops. I just knew I had to go find some of this “legal weed” and see what the hype is about. At the same time, I could possibly quit my cigarette habit as well.

I went to my local smoke shop and picked up some hemp flower. I picked up a few different items, a vape cartridge, and the flower. Immediately went home and opened the jar of hemp flower. It immediately took me to my beginner smoking days where all was to be found was “Reggie” or regular marijuana.

I made a joint and proceeded to spark it up. Tasted just like my the first weed I ever smoked. Halfway through the joint and I could feel the CBD doing its thing. I felt more relaxed, ready for a chill evening. I smoked the cartridge I got as well. I was shocked at how well the CBD helped with the cravings from not having tobacco.

I got some CBD vape juice when my cartridge ran out. I even got my friend who doesn’t smoke any marijuana or CBD products to try my vape pen and it helped him with his anxiety almost immediately. I roll joints from time to time of the hemp flower but mainly I vape my CBD vape juice. Find some CBD at your local smoke shop and try it for yourself.

Written by an ERRL Times reader: Batbong