Out in Mesa, there this little shop, hidden like a diamond in the rough. However don’t let the size fool you, this place has great products to pack a punch.

  Walking into the dispensary you are greeted at the door, always a smile from the front desk, as you hand them your card and wait to be called. As you’re waiting, you can browse their nice selection of glass, and accessories. (Recently I picked up a quartz bucket on their 20% off glass day, it was a excellent deal.) While you wait, the menu sheets are available for perusing as well, smaller lobby, but usually never wait longer than 10 minutes. The budtender comes out and call out my name, they greet me and tell me we will be at this register.

Walking back for my first time was amazing, the smells and the products all lining the shelves. The flower in jars, lined under the glass by tier. They are deli style here, so your meds are weighed in front of you, and packaged, so you know its fresh. They allowed me to smell the actual jar (with a coffee filter to protect meds from outside substances) and take in all the dankness. My first time I left with a half ounce of quality flower, and was not disappointed in the least, the price was right and the quality was outstanding.

  Moreover, it’s not just the flower that is worth checking out, it’s their concentrates and the deals they have on them. My favorite special they offer is early bird special, between 9 and 11 am, grams of shatter, or flower, 15$ a gram shatter(selection changes daily, limit 1 per patient) and 5$ a gram on flower(selection changes daily, limit 3 per patient). And let me tell you the shatter is on point, quality burn, powerful effects, and great if you live on a budget(like me). They also have a monthly special going on with 18$ gram of GG#4, which I have personally tried and will recommend to anyone for pain and relaxation.

  Green Pharms dispensary in Mesa is a gem tucked away waiting to be found, a treasure room full of wondrous things. Look them up and give them a call you’ll be glad you you did.