Arizona Concentrates Legal or Illegal?  The Ultimate Guide

Are Arizona Concentrates Legal or Illegal?  In recent days, there has been a ruling on the State of Arizona vs. Jones.

This ruling has changed the landscape of concentrates for Arizona and its patients.

In order to protect yourself and know the laws, we have put together this Guide.

Let’s get started.

How Concentrates Became Illegal In Arizona

On June 25, 2018, the State of Arizona Appeal Court ruled on an existing case vs. Jones.   Where Mr. Jones an AZ MMJ cardholding patient had been in possession of concentrates.

These concentrates were given to him for free by a dispensary agent.

The State of Arizona Appeals court has found that concentrates in the State of Arizona are illegal.  Based on in the AMMA law there was no written mention of concentrates.

You as well as myself might think this is all bull shit.  One thing we must understand that it might be BS but it is the law of the land.

Based on that, let’s start talking about the stuff that will protect you.

I Am Not Going to Stop, are You?

Let’s face it.   Most people are still going to consume concentrates.

Dispensaries are still going to sell them.

The black market for concentrates will get a lot bigger.

You will still be unprotected for having them.

what you can do to protect yourself.

In the larger Metro area of the valley you may not have such issues, however.

Please take proper precautions upon leaving your Medical facility of choice.

Always keep your medicine contained in it’s original container / packaging with its receipt stapled or stickered to it.

Always keep your medicine in a Locked compartment such as a lockbox, key-lock glove box, and or the trunk of your car.

All of these things require a separate warrant to open unless voluntarily opened by you.

Do NOT consume your medicine in public places even in such places once considered to be “ok”.